Saturday, June 24, 2017


Hi everyone

Been a very long time since posting anything.
But, as you are know life takes us down certain paths
and we have no choice but to adapt to it.

During that time, I didn't feel at that creative
and felt I had nothing to offer all of you.
Not to mention, having to yet again get a new
computer. See, just about all those computers
I'd work on we're "hand me downs",
 would eventually crap out on me, and with
 went all my designing supplies...
Graphic programs plugins, filters
 and all of the add ons.
And since then everything updated..
Programs, plugins and etc
Through the years, we were able to get
all our supplies to work with each update
But I'm finding I'm lucky that
Paintshop and photoshop can still work
 Windows 10, but many of my filters and plugins
I can't get to work.  And Lord knows where
money will come from to but everything new.

I will be making scrap stuff again, but for now
I will be limited by how often I can create.
 I hope all is well with all of you...
 And that it starts that way.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Freebie-12 backgrond papers


I have 1 dozen background papers in assorted colors
1200x1200 pixels - 300 res

get them

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

bizee_Behind the Lines papers freebie


I have 14 background papers in asst colors, 1200x1200 pixels, 300 res.
I included a 700x700 pixel transparent mat

Get them.....HERE

 click to enlarge

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