Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sundays Freebie is............

The alpha I promised, its called

Hi gang,

Once again I have to apologize for posting later than
I promised. I just didnt have the time to post it.
In the zip you will find the alpha in caps and small
letters, puncuation and ornaments. I included a couple
of corners, however, there's only 2, so if you would
like 4 corners all you have to do is this...
For the top corner, just COPY/PASTE AS A NEW LAYER
and then Mirror...
For the bottom you would do the same.
I was in such a rush to get the alpha posted that I totally
overlooked making the other 2 corners...(sheesh!)
So I apologize for that. If you should need help, let me
know and I will post the other 2 corners for you..ok?

A few of the pieces can be colorized either by using
the Colorize or Hue/Saturation/Lightness feature in
your graphics program.

I hope you like this alpha, please enjoy!
Here is the preview

Get it........................................HERE

Have a great week!


Mother of 2 Angels said...

nice work :)
how r u doing
I know u r working hard :(
I am selling @
Hope 2 chat with u later
I got yahoo messenger, can u get it ?
my name @ yahoo is alwaysmother2

Becky Jo said...

Great Alpha - TFS! Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You for sharing this beautiful alpha!! I will be using it in my wedding layouts!!

Anonymous said...

Hi mate,
just wondering if you had thought of doing word groups with your alphas? things like Our Special Day would be great for layouts and then a newbie like me could use them lol
i joined your mailing list but couldnt find your email address to say hi
so hi, and thanks for sharing your lovely work :)

Janet said...

Awesome. Thank you.

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