Saturday, September 13, 2008

Repost of freebie

Hi gang,

If you read the previous post, then please
you dont need to go on with this post. I felt
it necessary to repost this because the DigFree
Blog didnt pick up my blog when I posted this
freebie. I am giving it another try to see if it picks
up my blog tonight. I will be editing this post a
little later with the alpha. I think it also didnt
pick up the freebie before this one too so you
may want to scroll down a couple of posts to
see if you missed it..ok?
According to FeedBurner, all is ok, so I dont
know why DigiFree didnt pick me up. I wonder
if all those previews have something to do with it.
There are alot of previews showing for one blog
with several blogs, so maybe it overloas the system.
LOL..Maybe I was knocked off because of saying
something about how unnecessary I thought it
was that people were taking up a huge amount
of space with all those Who Knows!

Anyways, I hope you dont miss this freebie,
I think its a pretty one!
Please continue own to get the freebie if you
missed it, then check to see if you missed any others.
Thank you all for you support.

By the way..did you notice the slideshow above?
The one with the cards? Isnt it great that Becky
Jo Mentzer chose to use some of my scraps for her cards?!
I am so excited..I am so flattered an I am so greatful.

Hello All My friends,

I apologize for not being around lately,
I had gotten very ill and was in the hospitol
and had to stay in bed until all was better.
I am writting this from my laptop, which
I dont have any programs set up on...yet!
Well, any of my graphic programs. Today,
I will be putting them on my laptop so that
if something were to happen again, I can at
least work on making scraps. You have no
idea how annoyed I was not being able to get
any work done while in the hospitol.
I do have something for you, it was something
I was working when I got ill, it isnt complete,
what I mean is, that I have pieces that are to go
with it that arent done. So I will give what I
have ready. There will be an alpha to go with it
also. I was in the process of making a whole kit
but because of all the time that has passed, I want
to at least give you this.
I have alot of things I want to get caught up with
as far as the blog and freebies.
So please, bear with me.

Here is your preview
(not everything shown!)

Get it................................HERE

there will be an alpha tomorrow!

1 comment:

Janet said...

Thank you for this pretty kit.

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