Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tonights freebie....

hi gang

Tonights freebie will be posted tomorrow..
I just got home from a stay at the hotel..
No not a vacation, more like a forced decision.
The storm we had was wicked and beautiful at
the sametime. We were watching the lightening
and the winds kicked up something fierce..then
it happened! A big 'ol tree fell and it landed where
else but on the wires and knocked out the electric
and with the electric went air conditioners, phone
and most important, my computer! So we lit candles
and continued watching the storm...after about a half kitchen ceiling fell in..water everywhere!!!
We cleaned things up, blew out the candles, grabbed
a few things and off to the hotel we went.
I packed up my laptop and did some scraps while at
the hotel, I dont have the laptop set up for the web (yet)
so I will have to transfer the scraps to my computer and
I will post them tomorrow for you. So please check back
tomorrow (Monday) to get your scraps..ok?
I hope you all fared out better than we did! And I hope
none of you are dealing with the flooding thats been
going on there.

Oh and I wish want to wish your hubbys and any other
daddys out there a .........

With that...I bid you all a very good evening : )
A friend posted this and I believe this needs to
be read by as many people as possible. If you
could, please sign the pettiton:
Here's the story:

Guillermo Vargas Habacuc

I usually never do this, but this is, IMO a special
case. I ask you to sign the petition to stop this
mentally disturbed man from continuing with his "art".

2007 took the "artist" Guillermo Vargas Habacuc a dog
from the street in Managua, Costa Rica, tied him with
a rope in an artgallery and starved him to death. For
several days, both the "artist" and the visitors stood
calmly and watched the dog suffer, until he finally died.
He wrote quotes on the wall, in dog kibbles, like "You
are what you read".

Do you think the pictures below shows a piece of art?
The prestigeous "Visual Arts Biennial of Central America"
believe it is and the "artist" has been invited to repeat
his horrible cruelty to an animal at the 2008 show.

Please help to stop him. A petition can be signed, and has
been signed by 1382114 when I write this. The link:

Sites for more reading on the topic:

If you Google: guillermo+vargas+habacuc you will get tons of hits.


This is a very disturbed man, only question is, who is sicker?
The "artist" or the visitors that comes to watch?

Thank you reading it, and if you signed the petetion>
a special Thank you goes to you as well.


Shannon Scherz said...

I hope your house is doing fine! That stinks about your ceiling!!!!!

Thank you for sharing the petition with us... there's over 2 million signatures on it. Including mine. What a sick, twisted individual!

Tina B. said...

I am really glad to hear that you all are ok.

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