Monday, April 28, 2008

Freebie and an update...

Good morning, (er..afternnon now) gang,

First, I'd like to say Thanks to Shawny for letting
me know that the letters "Y-y" were missing from
the Gold n Ruby Alpha 2 for those who down-
loaded the alpha already, you can get the letter "Y-y"
I updated the zip file containing the 2 alphas today,
so if you havent downloaded the "Gold n Ruby Alpha"
you Do Not need to download the file posted above.
My sincere apologies for that, I hate when things
happen like that!

OK..I have to run and get my grandson from school,
I will be right back with todays freebie!
Here's the preview:

Get them...............................HERE

See you all tomorrow!

*PS: Just got home from the vet..and the
girls have an upper respitory infection.
The young one who is pregnant seems to
be a bit better, they gave her the IV, they
were concerned she may be a little dehydrated.
So that perked her up a bit. The older one is
hiding under my bed right now and probably
wont come out until things quiet down. They
gave us antibiotic for them and a couple cans
of this cat food that they say the cats really
go for because it has all this extra flavor and
sweetness and Minnie, the young one seem
to prove that right! I am so happy that she
has something in her now. Foo-Foo wont feel
like eating for awhile yet, the trip to the vet
shook her up and it will take her until later
to come out and walk around. I feel so much
better that I was able to take them. I have to
thank FVEAP for paying for the bill.
I am going to make a icon/banner with a
link to their site so hopefully some visitors
will go there and maybe make a donation to them.
They responded so fast, that I didnt have plans
together on how to even get the cats to the clinic!
I kid you not..I emailed them late Friday night
and within minutes I receieved an email back
saying they had 200 dollars available to help!
I couldnt believe it! I gave them the name of
the clinic and poof! it was paid! I owe them so
much gratitude that I like to do something in
return by placing a link to their site in hopes
of them recieving a few bucks for their generosity.
So please, if you can help never know when
you will need to call on them!
Thank you..from my heart!


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Very cute. Thank you very much for sharing,
By the way, I am missing the letters X of your pretty Black Pastel Alpha.

bizee1 said...

Hiya gang.. please fing the missing "X" file here:

you will see a zip containing the file and just the file in case you rather click and "SAVE AS". Whichever way its easiest for you.
My aplogies, I know its a PIA to have to go back to get 1 file.

Have a great day!

bizee1 said...

I see it cut off the addy to the folder...let me see if this works:

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