Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday's freebie...

...a real nice alpha! In fact, its so nice, that I
included a full set of swash letters! So you
will have a full set of alphas plus the full
set of swash alphas..and I left them grey
so you can colorize them for any LO.
So from this one pretty script alpha, you
will have many different looks!
And wait until tomorrow..the alpha I will
be posting is something really different!
So here is tonight's preview:

Get them................................HERE
I am going to post early tomorrow because I
have to bring both of my kitty's to the Vet,
the 2 of them are so very sick, they havent
eaten in a few days now and here is what
really makes it is just about a year
old and......pregnant, the other is an "old fart"
yeah, she's a senior poor Foo-Foo
the young one we took in just after Winter
started, and had no idea she was pregnant,
they both started off with a cough, like the
kind they get when they have a hairball,
but each day it got worse and you can see
they looked like it hurt when they swallowed.
I went and bought a can of infant formula and
gave each of them a few ounces using a baby's
medicinal syringe. I dont know if it was the right
thing to do, but I had to do something. I had no
money to bring them to the clinic, so out of panic
and fustration I googled and came across a site
that helps with animals. And what amazed me
was how fast they responded back! And they
gave $200 so I could get them to the Vet. When
I googled, I had no idea what and how this was
going to work, so it caught me off guard when
I saw an email came back within minutes! I
started to cry. The first site I went to didnt
look promising, they basically take care of
life-threatening type of help. So I thought
thats what I was going to see at the rest of
those types of sites. But the second site I went
to was the one who contacted me back.
This all took place late Friday night into Saturday
morning, and I have to figure out how I am going to
get 2 cats (one feral and one with panic attacks)
to the County Clinic! I have one carrier, so I will
have to get a box to put the young one in. But!
thats not all! On top of that, my god-daughter
was coming by who I havent seen a long while
and...yesterday was also my grandson's Opening
Day at Softball! So between not sleeping the night
before, we had to be out of the house by 8am to
march in the Softball parade and breakfast, then
while they all ate, I ran out to the supermarket to
get a box for Mini (the young cat) then made it back
for the parade, after the parade, team pics were taken
and after that was their first game. Just as the game
ended, my god-daughter came. We had a real nice visit
and decided that we werent going to let alot of time pass
between visits, which was noone's fault..just life in general.
She left and then it was time to syrings feed the 2 kitty's
who disliked it very much! I couldnt let a 3rd day go by
without them eating something. I sat with them to make
sure the didnt have any problems after feeding. All went
well..and this morning I gave them another feeding. The
appt at the clicnic is for tomorrow (Mon). Why?
Ready for this?..if I brought them in between last night
or anytime today, they would be considered an "emergency"
and therefore get charged..$130.00 each cat! They knew we
were dealing with funding..why didnt they just work with us?
And they are animal lovers? Animal Activists?..its nuts!
having only 200 bucks to work with..bringing them wasnt
feasible, so we will bring them in by appt this way its only...
60.00 bucks a cat..amazing..isnt it!

Is it any wonder that when I sat down at my computer
that I produced several alphas???
If you read down this far..I appreciate it very much.
I had to get all this fustration out somehow, so thanks
for "listening". You all are my saviors!


Patamomma said...

Oh, Sweetie, Praying for you and the kitties. It's great that you will get help with the bill. I'm thinking of you. Patty

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

bizee1 said...

Patty...Thank you so much!

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