Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The missing "X" file..(sounds like a show!)...LOL

From the "Black Pastel Alpha"
(Thank you Anne for the heads up)

Hiya Gang,

I cant believe I did it again! The same mistake twice!
I am so sorry, I guess I had alot on my mind with the
:girls". They were so ill and not eating, and with the
young one pregnant..we were worried she would
abort the babies. By the way....we are the proud
owners of 3 new kittens! She had them yesterday
morning. Just as we were getting ready to leave
for school, she ran under my bed, let out a yell
and sure 1 arrived. She ended up
with 4, but one died last upsetting.
Sooo, with thats said....ANYONE WANT A KITTEN??!!
We have been feeding them in between with kitten
formula because we are nor sure if she is producing
milk for them, it doesnt appear that she is..we checked
and really didnt see anything, but she may just be
making just we figured it would be
better to just go ahead and give them little bits
at a time, we dont want her to stop feeding them,
so were are basically suplementing it.

If you downloaded the Black Pastel alpha already
and need the letter "X" :
Get it .............................................HERE

That is the link to a folder I set up just
for that file..I put a zip file containg the
letter "X" and I also put just the png file
so you can simply "Click and SAVE AS"
the image..whichever way is easiest
for you. I also updated the zip file
to include the letter "X", so if you got
the alpha already, just get the missing
file from the link above, if you havent
downloaded the alpha yet, then go right
ahead, it does contain the letter "X". apologies. Have a great day!

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