Saturday, December 1, 2007

Back to Elements! Freebie!

Well, I guess that "Lace" didnt go over too well..
Here's a LO I did using it. My Angelfish died sometime
during the making of this lace kit, so I thought it
fitting to use him on the LO:

so back to elements..I have cardboard elements..
there's going to be alot of them, I organized them
"Florals", "Bars", "Office/School" and the last
is just odds and ends...they are cute.
I only had the time to zip, make a preview
and up just one so far..if I run out of time
tonight to do the rest..then they will be tomorrows
freebie. As alot of you know, it seems to take an
awful long time to organize, zip, preview and upload
the zip on one hosting site and then preview on another,
then come back and forth with those darn links..sheesh!
I have been debating if it is going to be worth setting up
my own site, this way I can host my own files on one site,
I am just not sure if its worth it yet. We will have to ride
this out and see.
We are suppose to get hit with a snow/ice/sleet storm
tonight into tomorrow, then ending up with rain by Monday.
I am hoping it doesnt get too bad cause I do alot of driving
between both my jobs..and I really dont care to be out in
that stuff. Can you tell I'm not a Winter person! You'd think
I would be seeing how my birthday is the day after Christmas.
Yup! it wasnt a fun thing to grow up with...anyway.......
lets get to the freebie shall we?!
Starting off with these "Picture tack bars".
I'm not certain what else to call them.
It doesnt matter what they are called, you're going to
use them as you see fit..right? so go ahead and enjoy these!

get them.......................HERE

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Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post!

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