Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another Freebie..!!!

Hi gang..

I hope everyone had a nice week so far. Mine had a great start!
My son came with the kids and I am so happy that I cant hardly type!

You see they live in Wisconsin and I am here in NY, so visits are too
far apart..heck..who can afford to do all that traveling?..Not me.
I have 4 grandchildren..The oldest one who just turned 6 on the 21st
of August lives here with his mom (my daughter) and me. My son as I
mentioned above lives too far away as far as I'm concerned. But thats
just a mom missing her oldest ((sigh)). He has 3 children, a son and
a set of twin girls, all toddlers!
And he drove from Wisc. to be here for my grandson's birthday, (the
grandson who is here with me) I know sometimes it seems confusing, right?

The last visit was when the girls were 5 months I didnt want
them to leave! If I could, I'd have all my children and grandchildren here
with me...who doesnt want their children and grandchildren to be near?!
So..needless to's going to be hard to let them go when the time comes.
Which will be Sunday evening...((I am almost crying already!))

OK..I guess I tortured you guys enough with my little banter...
I have something I hope you will like..they are my "Ribbon Doodles"
There are 2 sets..they are approx. 550x450 pixels in size.

I made only this preview to give you an idea of what they look like:

Here is a little detail:

Just so you know, in set one I made only one
ribbon doodle in the Rose bundle, and there
is one Heart shape ribbon doodle too.
The rest are all in the leaf shape, even in the
second set. They are all different as far as
the colors and patterns used.
I started off using the rose bundle, and then
I gave the Heart a try, I decided to go with
the leaf shape and threw the rose and heart
in to get some feedback.
If you need to recolor or resize them I have
no objections at all. they are:

Ribbon Doodles set 1

Ribbon Doodle set 2



Mother of 2 Angels said...

Nice work! I downloaded the 1st package. do the other later :)

bizee1 said...

Thank you! I hope you enjoy them!

Cheryl said...

I am happy for you for the surprise visit!

I have to delete your link from Mr. Linky on the Tailgate Party.

To enter the contest, please post a heirloom layout on your blog and enter a direct link in Mr. Linky. i hope to see you return again soon.

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