Friday, July 20, 2007

A word about my Glitter Flowers..


I just wanted to mention that my glitter flowers below are
sized at
400 on a 3600 x 3600 paper..its way too
small..its ok for
using a brad or something like that, but with
it being that small it loses
its appearance.
They can be sized a bit larger, but thats up to you to
see what
size works best for you. I apologize for that.
I should know by now
that doing things when your exhausted
never works out.

I will make them larger for 3600, 2400 and 1800 pixel size
papers, so please check back soon.
They are great to use
on the images you post in the forums,
cause usually those images
are around 500 pixels in size.
So they are perfect if you make your
scrap images just to post
in the forums. I know there are alot of us
out here who do that,
just post our work in forums and groups.

Sometimes making the scraps in those larger sizes and then
them to fit forum rules can often make your hard
work go down the drain.

So when I want to make a page to print, I use those larger sizes,
but if I
am only doing challenges and whatnot, then I do mine
at around 500 - 600
pixels in size.
So I hope it is of some usefulness to some of you.

So keep a watch for those larger glitter flowers! They will be soon!
(maybe this weekend!)

Thanks for your patience and understanding! Being new to this,
I sure can use it!

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