Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A notation and a...... Thank you..

*FIRST....a little notation:

I'd like to apologize to anyone who tried to

download my "Painted Stripes" beads. It
was brought to my attention that clicking
the link brought up the dreaded "This file
something or another blah, blah copywrite
yada,yada" had nothing to do with

any had to do with the name
of the had the word "Stripes" and I
guess 4shared filters picked up that word
as "Strip" and considered it to be a "bad"
file. I had that same problem with my
butterfly kit posted previously, I wrote
to the support people and they told me
about the file name filter..they suggested
that I rename the file, and I did and sure
enough..that dreaded page went bye-bye.
So for those putting files up on any site,

please watch what you name it.
I didnt want anyone to think I was

breaking anyones copywrite stuff.
So the "painted stripes" file has been

renamed so if anyone missed getting
it due to that silly page, please try it
again. I am sorry for any inconvienance.

And now..the real reason for this posting..........

This post is reserved for the wonderful people out there
who were so nice to
leave such encouraging words about
the beads..I want to say Thank you..

and I do mean THANK YOU..! for taking the time to leave
your replies and
I hope you find many uses for those beads.
I have a Thank you gift for all of you.

I have a hunch you will like them.
The image that I post here is just one color
but you will find
several colors in the zip file, so enjoy them!

Here is the pic of whats in the zip, just picture them
in colors from Aqua to Red!

I call them .... "Satin Glitter flowers"

If you like them..please get them ~HERE~'s a little somthin' - somethin' extra

These are my "Glitter Flowers"

They may appear to look the same as the
Satin Glitter Flowers, but looks can be
These are "see-thru", the background

of your page will show thru the "glitter"

Try them and see..! ~HERE~

Good-Night and Thank you all

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