Sunday, July 29, 2007

Some new freebies...

Hiya and hope you all had a great week!
We have rain today, which is always nice..yup..

I'm a real live love-to-walk-in-the-rain who isnt!
What I like about the rain on a Sunday is that it makes it a more
relaxing day. One doesnt feel too gulity about "lazing around"
and getting nothing done when its a rainy type of day!
Sunday is my one day off..of everything! Well, not everything,
I do get to play with graphics in a non-guilt way.

I did go into the yard and do some gardening things this morning,
I was out there at 5:45am playing in the

OK..I made some more beads..I got alot of good reviews from
the other groups I belong to, they did like them and so I thought
I'd do a few more. I dont want to do overkill on my beads. I do
enjoy making them though. I have tried a few times to make a
rope or chain of some kind so they can be strung, but I havent liked
any of the ways it would come out. I will keep trying! Hopefully I
will find something I like soon.

I also made some paper clips..hopefully these will come off with
good reviews as well. are the beads and clips.
There are 32 clips in the zip, the preview is only a couple just
so you can get an idea of what they look like, keep in mind that
they are all done in different patterns..there are like 3 Egyptian
design clips you may like..I know I do! Poke thru the zip, I am
sure you will find and use at least a few of them!


Well..I see these images dont do my clips justice..shoot!

Here are a few of the beads:

Blue-eyed bead

Antique scenery bead

Kakhi bead

Carved beads

Seashore beads

Like I said, this preview makes the images
appear "sloppy", but as you will find when
you download them..they are much nicer
then they look here. Enjoy!


Here are the links:

Blue Eyed beads:

Blue Pearl and Antique Scenery beads:

Carved beads:

Kahki beads:

Lemon-Lime beads:

Seashore beads:

My Clips:

1 comment:

MsSweetP said...

Thank You for the awesome beads and clips,they are all beautiful.

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