Monday, July 30, 2007

A short blurb or two..

I started the day feeling very depressed..its everything,
its nothing, you know? So I pulled out my CD's and threw
them in the system and cranked them up! And I do mean
cranked! All the volume..maxed!
Wanna know what I threw in?...
Janis Joplin - Pearl (love her, always did!)
Santana - The best of (Abraxas I could not find)
Credence Clearwater - Chronicle their greatest hits
Eagle Eye Cherry - Desireless (love "Save Tonight!)
And now I am listening to who else, but Mr. Al Green if that line up doesnt cheer you up a
bit...well..I guess you have to be into this type of I am however feeling a little better now
that I saw all the really nice comments that were left.

I am so pleased that the comments left were all
so positive! I really would love to see how the
items were used. With all the talent out there,
maybe you guys can post a link or two where
we all can see the lovely LO's you have done. I go..Mr. Al Green is about over and
its time to put in more disks!..., Lets Stay Together.....
(ok, I'll stop singing

Thank you all guys rock!

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