Thursday, July 12, 2007

OK..One last thought here..

I have been thinking about this for awhile now, and I know
I am not the first..but here what I'd like to know...
When making scrap items..everyone uses them in sizes
like 3600x3600, 2400x2400 and 1200x1200.
But if there are others like myself who enjoy doing
the pages in sizes just for forums..if I should size
the pieces for us. When posting Layouts in forums,
it usually has to be resized to about 500x500 or
600x600. So I am leaning towards making these
sizes available. I also know that alot of people
are on dialup or have a limited amount of RAM
and Hard drive size and working with these
huge files sends the computer into freezer-world.
So for others to enjoy doing scrappin without
the computer freezing or storage space...I am
willing to include those sizes as well.
This subject will be continued.



ACMommy28 said...

Wow! These beads are fantastic!!!! How on earth do you make them? I can think of about a million and a half places to use these in my pages!!
Amazing talent!!!!


BitsOScrap said...

Ok first things first...I haven't got to the beads yet, but wanted to respond on the size question.....I don't know if this will help you or not...possibly creating the images as you normally would and then run this little very simple utility that actually resizes the pixels w/o taking away the original beauty of the design before the files are zipped....check it out, it's free
Ok now off to see the beads....

Anonymous said...

Ahh..Thanks you girls for replying, I really appreciate it! I will check out the pix resizer for sure! I hope you girls like the beads, my next goal is to make a great looking "string" for them.

and, again..Thank you so much for replying!

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