Wednesday, July 11, 2007

OK...should'a, could'a, would'a....

I guess I goofed..I should have done this..and could of done that..
but what I would do is give the other beads that I
should of put in the first ya go:

Here are "Rosey", "Tigereye" and "Wood" beads:

Get Rosey

Get Tigereye

Get Wood

A-ha..!!! I got it working now..heh,heh,heh....
what a douf I am! I was driving myself nuts with this silly editor,
getting annoyed and all that..then it hit me! I spotted that stupid
"Compose" link...yeah, I did see it, but I thought it was just there
to let me know that I was in "Compose mode"
what a "maroon" Bugs Bunny used to say!...lolololololol
I have my fingers crossed that these previews do my beads

O-O-O-O...about the beads..(would'a be nice if I mentioned this
in the first post, huh!)

They are 300 pixels by 150 pixels in size. I left them in this size
to (hopefully) be OK for 2400x2400 - 3600x3600 scrap papers.
Of course they can be resized if need be. They are in PNG format.
In the folder I included a gold "spacer", which you will probably
like to resize to go with the bead.
See why feedback is so important!

The rest I will post tomorrow..I have like 17 more styles..! work in the a.m.



Faye Hadfield said...

well - i don't know where you want this, but what i will say is - it's a shame these aren't real beads cos i'd buy em!!!!
i sometimes do beading - not so much now but have stacks and some of yours are gorgeous!!!

bizee1 said...

Oh..Thank you so much for the compliment! I used to do beading also..years ago. Beads are just one of those things that there can many a ka-jillion of them and you'd never see the same design twice! I hope you enjoy using them!

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