Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day......

Well...Happy Fathers Day.....
to all you daddy's out there! At least the ones who deserve it!

I also want to wish all the mommy's out there who have to be daddy's as well a Happy Fathers Day too! Unfortunately these days there are quite many of us. Which is OK..we get thru it ok, dont we? We made it this far and we will continue to do so. So when yourself feeling like you are mentally exhausted...just play both sides and you re doing a great job! Who else can hold a job, and play mommy and daddy? So go on..enjoy yourself today and you will feel a whole lot better!

Just an added rant to get off my chest....How dare he!...My "father" dare he expect me to be so happy and willing to see him?..and on Fathers Day to boot! How dare he! He lives in Florida and he and his wife go vacationing up along the east Coast..visit those they know in Maine, Massachusetts and then....after passing us along the way...wants us to be so willing to see him on his way back! And in all honesty..even if they did want to stop here would be a no-go for me!
You see "my father", "my dad" decided long ago he wanted to go about his own business, leaving my mom and 4 children with nothing, absolutely nothing....and needless to say, we find out that he not only bought all this property up in Maine...but was actually raisng someone else's children! Can you imagine that! Couldnt cope with his own as if we were little devils...but went to raise a strangers children. And by that I mean this woman he met along the way..he felt sorry for her...imagine that! What a piece of work this guy is! Then during those didnt hear a word from this guy...once every so often..then we were suppose to be "happy" that daddy was coming. Sour?! I use to feel that what happened between him and mom was not anything I could change, so I dealt with that fact all growing up. I never really was sour with him, in fact...I was 12 when he left, so I didnt really get to know him all that well. What you dont know, you dont miss. But it bothers me today cause this piece of work when he found where I lived paid a surprise visit one day..did all kinds of apologizing and went home with a clear conscience..good for him. Oh yeah..that day was a Merry Christmas out of him but not a Happy Birthday..the frig stood at my house for 3 days "visiting", left on my birthday and never word one about my birthday! Ok..dealt with that...even forgave for that. But this piece of crud is a born again christian and truly believes that because he gave a half *ss apology that the pearly gates are going to be wide open for him..can you imagine! I dont know about his God or beliefs, me...nothing will ever forgive him..nothing! He was so afraid of keeping in touch because he thought someone was going to ask him for something...oh yeah...lets face it..if he'd give it to one of us..he'd have nothing to give to his wifes children! Oh yeah...they are getting included in his question is this...WHAT WILL????? Miss donut pusher is making damn sure there's nothing going to anyone of his children..she dirty us at every like his will (if there's even anything) go to her and her children. I dont want to sound as if this is all about money..its really fact that is such a minute part of this whole mess.
I have lived my life without help from anyone and I like it that way! Trying to fit a life in a blog post just doesnt work. Things dont come out as they should. my drift is this....I didnt know him all those years past..why look for me and my love for you as a dad now..I dont know him! I have live in this apartment longer than I know him.
Ok..I guess rant is done........ my apologies

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