Thursday, July 12, 2007

OK...The Beginning..!!!!!!!!!!!!


For now I want to get this posted..this is what I have prepared so far.
These are just 4 of my bead collection. These beads are all done by me
using my graphic programs.
I use a couple of different ones depending on what I am doing or how I
am feeling that day.
Hmmm..maybe the reason why I am sporatic? think?
Anyways, here are the previews and links for you. I know this
has been said a thousand-fifteen times by everyone..but...

Please..leave a comment (good or bad) to let me know what you
like/ dislike about these. I'd sure appreciate any constructive

Well..without further ado......The Beads..!!

Pink Bowl:

~Click Here~

welp.....I hope you like..!

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