Friday, June 24, 2011

Memorial Day freebie


Well, once again I goofed..I had these ready and guess what?
I realized that I didnt post them them here, I posted it on Facebook
and ended up going off in another direction..silly right?
I dont know whether it happens to you too but as Im going along
something catches my eye and I go to check it out and while Im
checking whatever it is out I come across something else and it
ends up leading me to a different site and from that site I find
myself looking further into whatever it was that caught my eye.
Its often a link to a site that deals with graphics. Whether its
the world of Vectors, or a pattern/texture site or even at times
a graphic related program. One of the things that caught my
eye when I posted the kit on Facebook was a site called
ColourLovers. Well..I have to say I fell in love with this site.
There you can "Pattern Templates" and then go on into giving
them different colors. You can also use other members templates
and go from there. Its funny how caught up you can get when
doing this. While at ColorLovers, I came across a program they
have called Seamless Studio, so of course I just had to play with
it. The thing with ColorLovers is that you can create your own templates
using what shapes that are available, but with Seamless Studio, you can
bring in your own shapes and therefore create your own templates and...
upload it to ColorLovers right from the app. Even if you feel you arent
the "creative" type, this will get your creative flow going.
I also spend quite alot of time scouring around for fonts..yes...Im a font
nut. And believe some or most of you know you can spend a real
long amount of time on these fonts sites, and wow! there are ALOT of
font sites around!. I wont bore you with those details, just Google "Fonts"
and see how many sites (as well as the amount of fonts on each site) come up!

OK..No more babbling..I have alot to do here is your
Memorail Day kit (no alpha) just papers and elements..

Get it....................HERE
Get it....................

See how I babble?..thus the title of my blog
Have a great day!!!



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