Monday, June 21, 2010

Freebie and updates

Evening gang,

I hope you all are doing well. Its been a busy several months.
First I'd like to say that if you are a Facebook person, you can find me there
along with some new friends. And if you like to customize your social pages like
I do..then you're going to love this site from Lorraine Edwards

 Beautiful gif's and backgrounds you copy and paste to your site   

and from the creator of the sites above, she has shown me this site, in which you can
change the background of your Facebook pages and she will be making these as well
for you to enjoy soon. At this site, you can download many different backgrounds or even
create your own!  Check it out!

Now, as for me....I will be posting a new freebie tomorrow for
 you so come back and check that out too!
So if you're at Facebook look me up there,  look up:
Mau Debbie Williams ,
(alot of you know me as dotty, its a long story
 and perhaps I will blog about it one day) so if you send a friend request
please put in the message area that you are from my blog, because I dont
 except requests unless I know who it is..and it would be nice to see you there!

See you all tomorrow!
By the way...Im on Twitter also..
although Im not that active there, I will
be soon...I will be posting freebies all on these sites..maybe even a few
different ones can be found on all the'll just have to
 follow along to see!   ; ) 


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