Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feedback needed...please

hello everyone,

 I made a new page to my blog, the link is right above this post. can just click this--->  My Facebook Layouts

 If you like and are interested in this, please leave a comment
and let me know if I should continue with this project..I really
could use your feedback.  I appreciate all your comments, thoughts
and support...Thank you.

By the way,  I do have the scrap freebie ready, I have to make the
preview pic and upload it, so I will be back in about an hour...gotta have
my coffee first!  See you later!


Anonymous said...

I like your layout for facebook. I used it and it worked, but after I sent a message disappeared. I guess is something with Facebook.

Whatever you do, keep doing it. Creativity is something that grows and enhances with time.

Thank you very much!!!

Anonymous said...

I did not realize you were on Facebook. Your work is amazing, please continue I also liked you older blog background with the fish. Thanks for sharing with us all. Mary Anne, Texas

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