Friday, September 11, 2009

Im coming back!

Hiya everyone

I took enough time off, (I think anyway)
but I will be coming back. What Im going to do
is start of with alphas, then papers, then elements.
I want to be more organized in how I do the scraps.
So, starting this week, Monday, Sept. 14th 2009
I will be posting an alpha for you. I will also post the
scraps on my Facebook page as well, hopefully I will
pick up a few more fans and perhaps if your on Facebook,
we can become "friends" if all goes well, I will have special
things for all those who become my does that sound?
let me know please what you think. I want to do this for all
of you. And...I also want to get out a few things that have
been going on with me, so you all will understand why I
took this time off on a spur of the moment like I did.
But I promise you, I will make it up to all of you, you will
I hope all has been ok with all of you, and that you all had
a nice Summer! I have a few friends who recieved some
bad news about their health, but I wont get into that now.
thats for another time.
So in the meantime, come back Monday for the alpha!!!

Good Night Gang!!!!!


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