Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Alpha Freebie.

Hiya Gang,

I have a simple and plain white
alpha today, yeah, the cold weather
seems to have effected my artwork (LOL)
This alpha will look good and stand out on
just about any paper background. You can
select around either the inside of the white
and fill it with a color, or just select the alpha
and fill it that way.
If you are not certain how to do this, then
here's what you do:

1)..Open alpha and using your magic wand
start clicking around either upper or lower
case (as if you are making a circle around it)
when you are just about close to finishing your
circle, double click the magic wand and it will
finish the circle for and your letter will be selected.

2)..with your letter selected, copy and paste it onto
your LO/Tag etc. If staisfied, close the original
alpha image, it will ask if you want to save any
changes before closing, so click "NO", this way you'll
have your plain white alpha for another project.

3)..Do that with each letter that you want to use for
your LO. Once you've gotten what you want on your LO,
Hide all your layers including your background EXCEPT
the layers containg the alphas. And Merge Visible.
Once you do that you will have whatever word you
put together on one layer (OK?)

4)..Make sure you're on the alpha layer and using your
magic wand click on the inside of the shape of each letter.
EX: if there's an "O" you're going to click in the inner
part of the "O", not on the letter itself. Once you
do that with all the letters that have those "closed"
areas, you then click anywhere on the blank background
you will see the marching ants surrounding your letters,

5)..Go up to the menu area and click on the Select/Selections
and click on either Inverse or Invert. You should now have
all your letters selected. If you see only the letter selected and
not the inner part selected then just undo your last action and
click on the part that wasnt clicked on and then do the Invert/
Inverse thing again and it all should be selected.

6)..Using your bucket fill with a color/gradient/pattern. Or...
use one of your plugins.

7)..Deselect, and unhide your layers and continue making
your wonderful LO..!!!

I hope I explained it OK for the ones who dont really
know how to do the "selection" thing.
If you should have a problem, then please email or post
what effect/color etc and I will do it for you..ok?

Ok..here is a preview of what it looks like:
(click on it to see a larger version)

Get it......................HERE

I have something real pretty for you
coming up! But before that, I will have
the Crochet alpha for you.
I had these already to go, before the
thought of the Crochet alpha came up,
I have 3/4's of the crochet alpha done
and I wanted to post something for you
while you were waiting for the crochet
I would really love to see what you turn
this palin white alpha into! let us know!

Have a great day gang!

And gang....I still havent heard from alot
of you, I have that "special gift" that I want
you to have...so please...email or post a comment
so I can get it to you, its a special gift that I want
only my faithful and special friends to get.
You all have been so wonderful to me and its
something to say I Love you all!



Dana said...

This is a sweet alpha! Thanks

Pattycakes said...

Thank you for the alpha...love it!! :)

Cindi said...

Thank you for the alpha, I am looking forward to the crochet one!! Thank you to for the gifts through feedburner! What a lovely surprise!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Biz!!!!!!!!!
Still not feeling to great I still have it in my tummy!!!!!!!! YUCK
I dont remembered getting a email from you lately!!!
Just the comment on my blog!!!!!
HUGE GIANT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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