Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grab Bag ..Freebie repost

Hi everyone

I hope all is well with you all!
Looks like DigiFree blog didnt pick up my
post, I checked feedburner and its fine, so
I either got knocked off DigiFree's listing
or taken off..not sure, but I see alot of
people didnt get to see this freebie, so I
am hoping it will get thru this time.
So, for those who are reading this for the
first time......
I put together this grab bag, plenty of papers
and some real nice elements, some I extracted
from pictures. There are some ribbon pieces
that I left as is so you can colorize as needed.
I didnt make a preview pic so you will be
surprised when you download the zip : )
For those who did read it...I thank you
all for the wonderful comments you left!
So I hope you like what I put in the bag!

Get it .....................................HERE


My Silver Toes said...

Thank you for sharing!!! I did find it through digifree

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing i found you thru digifree.

Janet said...

Thank you. This is fantastic.

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