Saturday, August 23, 2008

Re-post from last night...FREEBIE

*Please see the post under this one for
yesterday's freebie and please read why
I posted this..OK?

Hi gang,

I am sorry about this, but apparently something
went wrong with (I think) Feedburner, it didnt
pick up my blog, DigiFree blog did but my blog
was not anywhere to be found on the DigiFree
blog. I dont know how it works, I got the comment
saying DigiFree picked me up, but when I went to the
blog to make sure there was no problem with the pic
preview, I didnt see it anywhere, I even checked the
"unknown freebie" links, but I am nowhere.
According to Maria from DigiFree, it has to do with
feeburner. I went to feedburner and I see the last
time it picked up my blog was when I posted the
Painted alphas. I pinged my blog and it seems to
be OK..but because I am not sure if all is ok, I am
going to re-post the Cardboard cutout alpha. But
I am also posting another freebie for today.

But I mentioned DigiFree blog, Maria is so sweet
for running it, (heck I cant hardly keep up with his
little snip of a blog) but what is starting to be a bit of
a pain is a few of the bloggers. We all want our freebies
to be out there, but do we really need to hog up the space
that Maria has been so gracious to supply us with? I guess
what I'm saying is that they know what they are doing
because they do it all the time, to be honest I think its a
little pushy. Some will offer freebies, but write a post for
each freebie...and its all from the same download!
Is that necesary? Al thats need is a preview pic and
your link...when others click your link, they will see all
the wonderful freebies you are offering. If not for anything
else, think of Maria and the time it takes her to do this for us.

On that I will end this posting and I will be back in awhile

sorry about ranting and running, but hubby just came
home from work and hungry. see you all later.

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