Monday, June 30, 2008

Last freebie for June is.........

Another alpha!

Evening gang,

Short post tonight, but I wanted to get
this out tonight seeing its the last night
of June! So WELCOME to July!
Tonight I have an alpha, with a lace pattern,
numbers, puncuation and ornaments included.
I hope you like this one! here's the preview:

Get it.................................HERE

LOL...I just saw the comment that was left
under my last freebie asking about the kittens..
Thats so sweet of you to ask. The kittens are
doing well, in fact, they all have homes now.
The same woman took all 3, she felt bad about
breaking them up, so she decided to take all
3..I couldnt believe it! I even told her that I
would help with food and whatnot, but
apparently she is financially ok and said it
wouldnt be a problem. She recently retired
and owns a small home with plenty of room.
It's only her there in the house and she wants
the kittens for companionship. I couldnt have
found someone like her in a million years if
I had to! And the funny thing was all
on the spur of the moment. My daughter and
I were picking up my grandson the last day
of school when a friend of ours came by and
asked about the kittens, the woman over-heard
us and asked if she could come and see the kittens.
So we came to my house and it was instant love
for her! How can anyone refuse a kitten!!!
She got a kick out of how they all followed
one another like a row of
The Mom of the kittens is now spayed thanks
to The Friends of Animals and Just for Strays.
Organizations who help if and when they can.
One of the teachers at the school is affliated
with those organizations and she arranged
to have Minnie spyed for us. I wish more
people cared for animals in the world...
there's far way to many being tossed out
because they arent "cute" anymore. OK
I said it was going to be a short post, right?

Thank you for asking about the kittens..
we miss them but we can see them when
we want, she doesnt live too far from us.

You all have a great evening!

See you all tomorrow!


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 01 Jul [LA 03:33am, NY 05:33am, UK 10:33am, OZ 08:33pm]).

Anonymous said...

Wonderful freebie!! Just wanted to say congrats to you and to the kittens for finding such a wonderful home. It hurts my heart to know how many animals are throw away every day because they are no longer "cute" to the people who have them. I wish more people were like the woman who took your kittens. *Hugs*

ccynden said...

What a blessing that the kittens get to stay together and to bring such joy and happiness to their new owner. Thank you for the beautiful lace alpha, it is gorgeous.

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