Sunday, October 28, 2007

RE: My freebies (Sunday)

Just a word to let you know that all
my freebies are still available..use the
Archive on the right side of the blog and
start at July..thats when I started posting
my freebies.
I added the slideshow to showcase the freebies.
Top is the newer ones, filmstripe one is of the
"slightly" older ones and I will be putting another
slideshow to show the older ones from July.
I hope this helps to make it easier for you.
I saw someone posted a comment about my
beads and that I should have put them in a
single zip. I put them seperate because I know
it tedious d/l'ing a zip and going thru it just to
pull out one or two there are people
out there who are still on dialup and I thought
it would be helpful for them if they only had to
d/l a single zip. But for those who would like
all of the beads in one zip...
here you are......ALL MY BEADS
There are many designs and patterns
on the's just one ...

the rest of them can be seen if you
click on the July link on the right
side of the blog under


Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

nexple said...

I carefully read your blog.
Please visit my blog..

Anonymous said...

Love these beads, thanks for sharing!

bizee1 said...

Thank you leejaeho and "anonymous"!
i appreciate you stopping by! I hope you enjoy my scraps!

Inma said...

Fantastic beads and great idea with have them with the spacer to join them together. :)

Thanks a million for them and best wishes. :O)

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