Monday, September 17, 2007

Woo-hoo....another FREEBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! is a kit I have been toying with.
I am not really thrilled with whats in it, not
that the items are horrible...let me explain a little.

OK..I started working on this several months ago,
I was very happy with how the texture turned out,
what took me so long was I wasnt sure what to include
with it. Yesterday, I got so disgusted with looking at
it, that I ended up just throwing things in the folder.
My frame of mind hasnt really been in the "graphic"
mode..or at least not in an "organizing" mode.
Alot of "things" going on and my concentration has
been non-exsistant...I hate it when I am not in good
working order. I wanted to get this kit out, so I threw
some things in it and thats it...I will be posting some
'add-ons' to use with it or without..however you like.
I hope you like the look of it as well....its a theme I
havent seen around...its called "Bath Time". Who
doesnt have pics of the kids in a tub? But this
texture can lend itself to swimming, pool, beach..
you will see what I mean...ENJOY!



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