Saturday, September 1, 2007

Showin' off my LO ...


First...for the freebies..look at the post under this one : )

Second...I thought I'd post this LO I did yesterday.
Anyways...this is Jefferey..our cockatiel..

...and yes, he does talk.
He was bought when he was still pretty young, and he was in the
pet shop at an even younger age, so anyone who came into the store
would talk to him. So of course, he repeats everything they said
Not only that, but Christmas tunes causes him to "sing"..well, his
version of singing But we love him just the same.
I have pics of him enjoying his bathtime. I made a LO that I think
is perfect for those pics, but its not quite finished yet.
When its done, I will be giving the kit away, so keep an eye out for it!
All the scraps in this LO are all my own work, and in it I used
the ribbon doodles (offered below) and a pair of the scissors that
are also offered below.
It gives an idea of how those elements look on a page.
If you click on the pic,it will open the larger version of the
pic and you can see the details better.
What do you think?

OK..go and have yourself a great weekend!

1 comment:

Mother of 2 Angels said...

I put your blog on my blog :)
Thanks for the kind comment about my blue kit.
Your work is gooooood!

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