Saturday, August 18, 2007

I finally got it done....

Well, I finally put it together! I am talking about
my new kit! And while its not what I had originally
wanted it to be..I am ok with it, as I am sure you
will be too.

I call it....Embossed Suede...what does that tell ya!
The preview pic as usual doesnt do the kit justice,
but I think you will more than likely use something
from it, whether its a paper, a ribbon or element.
The sizes within the kit are:

Papers: 1200 x1200
Suede Flowers: 900 x 845
Suede Ribbons: 182 x 1200
Glitter Flower: 600 x 600
Beaded strand: 900 x 200
Ribbon charm: 478 x 505
Shiny flower: 216 x 217 (can be used as a brad/bead/eyelet)

I have another style of suede coming..I just need
to find the time to put it together, but I think
you will like the paper to this second kit!

Now..I say "kit", but I am not certain if I should
put papers,elements and etc seperate or if I should
go ahead and put a kit together.
Here is where I could use some input..personally,
I like things seperated..cause sometimes I dont
want the papers or backgrounds..mainly cause I
like to make my own, but the embellishes and
other elements I do enjoy getting, heck..there
are way more talented people out there than me!
So, yea..I enjoy the elements most.

So if you dont mind taking the time to tell
me what you like and how you like to get them,
I'd be more than happy to oblige!

*NOTE: I forgot my TOU in the zip, but I put it
on the right side of the page over there

Ok...enough is the preview pic: are the links, one is 4shared and the other
is from Megashare..(which I would recommend for sharing files)

Megashare Link

4Shared Link

1 comment:

klgeecorner said...

what a sweet thing to do , share ~ thanks so kindly , your work is lovely ! I don't have a web page though I do have a blog so when I'm done with my LO using your art , I shall send you a link ! cheers & best wishes , krista

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