Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chalboards and alpha freebie

hello everyone

First I want to thank jazzyjec for giving me the heads
 up on the links to my files,
I cant express my appreciation enough..
When she told me about not being able to download some files, I went to see what
was going on..all my files on 4shared are now saying only I can download them..why?
I dont wasnt like that before they re did their site..I contacted them letting them

know about this problem, these are all my files since 2007...I was able to download only 1
file after that when I clicked on the download button to get another file..nothing happened.
So I noticed there "Priority" download, if you download their download helper theres no wait,

well I did and the box opens up and gives you a choice of installing the Delta Toolbar or
keeping what you have...well heads people...that thing does what it wants, after clicking to
keep what I installed Delta anyways..I dont like when something thinks it can take
over your browser or computer...Im very upset..I shouldnt be hijacked to have acces to my
own files and neither should you.  Im going to try my best to grab what files I can and upload
 them to another host and replace links, so please bear with me. I apologize for any inconvienance.

 I was without a computer for a time so I wasnt able to post anything...when it rains it pours, doesnt it!
In fact Im using a borrowed laptop as I type. So Im limited by the programs and filters/plugins I use.
But back in January of this year, just before another hand-me-down computer died on me, I had made
A chalky alpha and chalkboards. With the chalkboard link, it should take you to the page and you
should see 2 links there, one link is for a chalkboard that is for 8x10, the other link has 4 chalkboards,
 1 "clean" blackboard and 1 "dirty Blackboard  1 green "clean" chalkboard & one "dirty". By dirty, I mean
where its smudged to look like the board was erased.
I hope this makes up for your time and all mean alot to me.
Hopefully Ill be able to resolve the issues with the files..otherwise 6 yrs of work are gone.

I not counting on them resolving this.. Please...............
If any of you should happen to have any files saved, please contact me so I can post it for others.
The links that Im having issues with are from 4shared and mediafire

Thank you all so much!
much love to you all
 I dont have a preview of the alpha, but you can see how it looks oh the 8x10 board
Preview of the chalkboards:
 8x10 board


downoad......Chalk Alpha

Wishing you all a GREAT day!!


lor said...

I had the same problem with the delta toolbar,which came with another program.I could not get rid of it even though I uninstalled,configured in settings etc.,only thing that did the trick was malwarebites.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these chalkboards and alphas...

Anonymous said...

Thank you! and Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

P S Thanks for the heads up!

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