Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Facebook layout..enjoy!


this was made from one of my scrapbook kits from
back in July of 2008, the kit was called "Bordered"
This PageRage is quite addictive! But I am enjoying it.

I have a friend who also does these can
find hers here:

 Here's here posting from her blog:
You can go to both of her links

Well,I've finally completed my new website as promised,
I will be constantly adding to the backgrounds available for FACEBOOK,
just keep watching.....I've included popular television serials such as
I'll be puttin some GLEE backgrounds on soon so come back here to get more!
The PATTERNS page has backgrounds that will fit MYSPACE,BLOGGER and
TWITTER also!  I worked very hard trying to get my backgrounds to
fit all these social sites,got there in the end though phew.

Just remember to right-click on a background,save then upload it to PAGERAGE,
easy installation of a firefox plugin enables your profile to be pimped and prettied
instead of boring and white!   See you soon
In the meantime, here is the new layout:
Please click the pic to get layout

see you all soon with my new freebie!

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