Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Something different freebie.....

well, something different from
This is like a quickpage..each file is a paper,
a frame and a ribbon and I saved it as a .psd
file so that the layers stay intact. You can mix
and match them with one another if you like.
use it as is..or each element by itself.
I thought I would try it out like this instead
of putting all the papers in one zip, all the
frames in another and son. I dont think I
am going to do it like this all the time..its
just how this particular scrap hit me.
If you like, tell me if this works for you.
I left it in the psd format so that Paintshop
and Photoshop (as well as some others)
would be able to use them.

There are 3 of each:
3 papers, 3 frames, 3 ribbons
in 3 different colors. Here's the Preview:

get them..................HERE

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Maria said...

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